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Older News

Older News

2/6/08  Social Committee Forming:

If anyone is interested in joining a social committee please contact Nicole by phone 614.889.6600 ext. 111, or by email.  This would be a great way to get to know your neighbors through different organized functions!

2/6/08  Landscape Committee:

Currently there are four residents participating:  Kay Christopoulos, Cathi Brownfield, Liz Kerns, and Rob O’Brien.  The committee plans to reconvene in February to look at spring projects and beyond.  Want to help?  If so, contact Nicole at 614.889.6600 ext. 111.

2/6/08  Annual Meeting

We have tentatively scheduled our 2008 annual meeting for Wed. April 23rd at the Hilliard Community Center from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

2/6/08  Latest Newsletter Sent in January

Winter 2008

10/8/07  Landscaping Activities

On Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, we had some slit-seeding, topsoil & grass put down in the community.  If you are able to water, please do so as it will help our lawns grow beautifully next summer!

For those of you interested in the efforts of the landscape committee:  Steve Waugh will be planting two prairie fire crabapples, two lilac (ivory silks), a service berry, foxtail spruce, hawthorn, and a red sunset maple. Some additional locations were identified for planting arborvitae to hide the utilities.  Two of the locations will require 5 arborvitae and the beds around these spots will be expanded to improve the looks.  This will also reduce the mowing/edging time in the summer.  There are three maples that have died since June (all with shade tree borers) that will be removed soon.

10/1/07 Landscaping Modification

Dorset Glen is having several new trees planted in Oct. by our landscaper, Steve Waugh.  Three residents are also paying to have Mr. Waugh plant trees at their units at a reduced price.  If anyone is interested in doing the same please call Waugh Landscaping at 873-8937.  Please don’t forget to fill out a landscape modification form and fax it to the Property Manager, Nicole, at (614) 889-9570 .

7/25/07 Gravel Under Your Deck

Have you considered putting gravel under your deck? Here’s what it would cost:


That includes weed control (plastic) & approx 1/2-3/4 ton of #57 gravel at approx 1″ thickness. Pickup/Delivery/Install. This is for a standard size deck. Please make arrangements with Nicole.

Also, there has only been one volunteer for the landscape committee. Please send an email or phone call to Nicole if you are interested! Be a part of making our community look its best! 

7/2/07  Landscaping Committee Volunteers Needed

Help make our community look nice! Yes, it’s true that many of us live in a condo so we don’t have yard responsibilities. Our neighborhood is new, plants and trees are young and fragile, and grass has not matured in all areas. Your efforts to help will be rewarded with a beautiful landscaping that will mature and grow strong and need less attention from us in years to come. How can you help?

Join the Landscape Committee! If you are interested in joining the landscape committee please let Nicole Scherer know by August 1st. Any amount of your time is valuable, so don’t feel you need to commit to more than you can handle!

Water the grass, trees, bushes, and flowers! Again, once root systems are established to reach a water source, our plants will not be so fragile. This has been a very dry summer as is evident all over the city. If you don’t have equipment but want to help, contact Nicole and she will get you what you need. Thanks to the many residents that have already been helping out!

Please turn your water on to your outdoor hose/faucet for the Summer. You can turn it on from inside your basement and it will help us keep the community watered. Please turn it back off in November to help prevent your water pipe from freezing.

Summer Newsletter

I see that you have found us! Want to know about neighborhood business quicker? While this initial post is simply a copy of the newsletter, in the future this blog will give us the ability to get that info to you quicker.

The most important part is your feedback! What would you like to see posted? Important links you think others in the community can benefit from? Please send your comments to Katie.

Message from the Board President:
I hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy, happy, and ready for a holiday on the 4th! I will be brief because we have a lot of news to report. After reading the newsletter I hope you will feel, as I do, that our Dorset Glen community continues to improve each year and our future is bright. Your Board members, Nupur Bires, Cathi Brownfield, Rick Larosa, Katie Levesque, David Merrell, and I continue to volunteer our time to do Dorset Glen business.
I would like to take this opportunity to make one urgent request of residents. We have had to remove over twenty trees in the past year, in part because they didn’t get enough water. I appreciate the increasing number of residents that do make an effort but if I could encourage you to help out during these drought conditions, we will all benefit. Please let our Property Manager, Nicole know if you are willing but just don’t have a hose. We can get you one.
In closing, here are a couple of lines from an article titled, So You Want to Buy a Condo? which it won’t hurt to hear again; “Condominium living is not for non-conformists. The source of a condominium’s resale value lies in the well-kept and uniform appearance of the entire project.” While we all have to conform to some extent, it really comes down to being considerate of one another, especially at this time of year when we are outdoors more, our windows are open, and we are celebrating summer. Let’s all work together to make this a good, safe, friendly community where all residents will want to live.

Rob O’Brien

ANNUAL MEETING: The Dorset Glen Association held its 3rd annual meeting on Tuesday April 24th at the Hilliard Community Center from 6:30 – 8:30. Besides the Board election, Nicole Scherer, our Property Manager went over our financial statements, and a power point presentation created by Cathi Brownfield went over DG history, improvements, and changes to our rules and regulations handbook.

NEW HANDBOOKS: By now everyone should have received an updated handbook of rules & regulations. While ten or so were signed for at the annual meeting, your board members delivered about thirty to residents doors. Twenty two still had to be sent certified mail with return receipts but we did save $215.20 by our efforts (40 X $5.38). Please review your new handbooks as phone numbers and a few rules have been updated to address issues that have arisen over the past two years. A special thank-you to Cathi Brownfield who did the layout & design, and also worked with the printer on this revised handbook.
REAR ENTRY LANDSCAPING: The rear entry landscaping project was completed the first week in April, just before the cold snap, and we are still hoping Darby Creek Nursery will do some necessary nursing. We have not paid them a cent yet and won’t until we are satisfied with the job. Thanks to Cathi Brownfield for keeping it watered during what is now being called a “moderate drought”.

NEW TREES and TRANSPLANTS: Towards the end of April, three October Glory Maples (2.5” trunk diameter) were planted on the west side of the development. One between buildings 6 and 7, one between buildings 7 and 8, and the last on the north end of building 8. In a few years they will be great shade trees and provide some fall color. Four Prairie Fire Crabapple trees (1.75”) were planted at the same time. Two each between buildings 6 & 7, and 7 & 8. Five evergreens that were displaced were transplanted to the west boundary with the Municipal Park, as were four other evergreens that had been planted in poor locations on the east side. A neighborhood guide for references to Dorset Glen buildings will soon be available in the links on this page.

TREES REMOVED: Fourteen maples were removed in June from Dorset Glen. Most were infested with “shade tree borers” that had bore holes under the bark and slowly killed them. At least a dozen other maples were treated with an insecticide. June and July is the time to apply the insecticide because this is the time when the insect is laying its eggs on the tree trunk. Most shade tree borers can attack only dying or stressed trees. Stress can be the result of injury, recent transplanting, or drought. Our landscapers will keep a close watch on this menace.

TRASH: As you are well aware by now Waste Management is now picking up our trash on Thursdays. This was their decision but we are pleased that we are now picked up the same day as our neighbors at Darby Park.

CHARCOAL, GAS, or ANY OPEN-FLAME GRILLS: As we prepare for BBQ’s over the 4th of July and beyond we would urge families in our community to take safety precautions when using their gas grills. Use of a charcoal, gas, or any grill in your garage is an obvious fire hazard. The Board would encourage residents to report this violation to the Property Mgr. immediately. Residents in violation will receive a letter of warning, a $25. fine for a 2nd violation, and a $50. fine for additional violations. BBQ’s are a great way to celebrate summer. By following the rules of fire safety we can ensure a celebration does not turn into a situation that endangers DG residents and their property.

DECKS and PORCHES: If you are wanting to touch up your deck or front porch/garage trim, here is what you will need. The decks need “CFW – cedar stain” which can be found at Lowe’s for about $18.00 a gallon. The front porch needs “Coronado Maxum stain (base M2000-33 with a tint base of B-1 C-1” and can be found at Creative Paints in Dublin for $21./gallon (ask for the contractor discount).

“FOR SALE” SIGNS: If you are selling your condo you may place a “For Sale” sign in your front & back windows. Signs are not allowed on your porch, front lawn, or any common area.

STORM DOORS: If you are considering installing a new storm door, please be sure to refer to your association handbook. There are fullview green doors recommended (Anderson “HD 3000 Fullview” & Larson Classic View Door or Larson Classic Self-Storing) that can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Residents are not limited to these choices but if you have something else in mind, be sure to check with our Property Manager before purchasing, to make sure it meets the criteria.

LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT: If you’re interested in adding some light to your front you can purchase a screw in light control for you outside garage lights. The light control (which contains a light sensor) screws into the socket and then the light bulb screws into it. Your outside lights will come on automatically at dusk and go off at dawn. Each light control costs about $7.00 and several residents are currently using them.

DRYER WARNING: The VGL maintenance crew cleared a number of exterior dryer vents of lint last fall. Please be sure to keep your interior dryer vent clear also. If you don’t know where it is located on your dryer call VGL before you cause a fire. You can reduce the risk of fire by using the low setting on your dryer. And if you have a long dryer hose that loops several times behind or to the side of your dryer check that on occasion or even better, shorten it.


  • Clean up animal waste immediately!
  • Use dog tablets if your dog is watering our lawns.
  • Do not pin or tether animals without being present.
  • Excessive or continuous barking is a violation.
  • No commercial breeding.

DOG TABLETS: There are products available at pet stores which will reduce the acidity of your dog’s urine. This may prevent your lawn from becoming bleached out in spots which will also prevent you from getting a bill from the landscaper when he has to reseed your lawn this spring. This product may be found under these names; “Green Grass”, “Green Saver”, “Green UM”, and “Grass Guard”. They are usually flavored so your dog will feel he/she is getting a treat.

EXTERIOR and/or LANDSCAPE MODIFICATIONS: Please become familiar with the Dorset Glen declarations and by-laws that your realtor had you sign prior to purchasing your condominium. Before doing any exterior or landscape modification please submit the proper form to the management company so costly mistakes can be avoided.

EXPERTS NEEDED: Please let a board member know if you have an area of expertise that could help this community (i.e. lawyer, landscaper, accountant, printer, employee discounts, etc.). We make every effort to be thrifty, cut corners, and save Dorset Glen residents (us) money. If you are able to help save the association money, you are saving yourself money too. Help if you can!

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